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We continue to challenge ourselves and are always looking to develop new products.

At REM, we offer a qualified engineering design of log handling equipment. These are modelled on the successful SATCO design.  These are well proven and very robust units, with some exceeding over 30,000 hrs continual use.


The log handling equipment are constructed using high-grade materials and manufactured using key materials and features including:

  • 80mm pins for strength and long life.

  • High pressure componentry with no need for extra pressure reducing valves fitted.

  • Oil Impregnated Bushes for less wear.

  • Well protected hydraulic system.

  • Removable covers for easy servicing.

  • 360 degree continuous rotation.

Freephone 0800 736 364

Heavy duty and well proven Grapple for 12T to 30T Excavators - Proudly manufactured by REM Ltd

  • Weight - 1057 KG                    

  • Jaws fully open - 1603 mm

  • Grapple area tip to tip - 0.43 square metres

  • Rotation - 360 degrees

  • Open / Close pressure - 4600 psi / 320 bar

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